Astronomy · Observing Logs

The table below shows my observing logs organised by the various tags and keywords I have used shown in the form of a tag cloud.

image   satellite   venus   comet c/2014 q2 lovejoy   leo   galaxy   perseids   partial solar eclipse   meteor   c/2006 a1 pojmanski   vega   noctilucent clouds   globular cluster   pleiades   comet 17/p holmes   regulus   rs ophiuchi   orion   ursa major   partial eclipse   gamma leonis   multiple star   moon   reflection nebula   reiner gamma   cancer   earthshine   geminids   nebula   comet machholz   andromeda   crescent moon   planet   hercules   iss   jupiter   vesta   polaris   asteroid   total lunar eclipse   comet   perseus   saturn   mars   ras algethi   triple star   first light   antares   double cluster   albireo   twilight   iota-1 cancri   lyra   opiuchus   conjunction   iridium flare   mercury   comet c/2007 f1 loneos   capella   open cluster   thin-crescent   aurora   star   mizar   cygnus   nova   double star   pegasus   callisto   europa   planetary nebula   eclipse   taurus   gamma delphini   full moon   messier   auriga   lamont   sun   m37   comet c/2013 r1 lovejoy   uranus  

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