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This map shows the access points for climbing Scotland's Munros. In the main these are public car parks or lay-bys, though in some cases the facilities may be much less substantial. Care should be taken, especially when the access point is near buildings or on the sides of roads. This data is provided 'as is' with no guarantee as to its accuracy! It was compiled using my own Garmin eTrex GPS receiver.

Clicking on a point will bring up an information box containing the Munro or Munros accessible from that point as well as a link to my report on the hills, a route and my Flickr photos.

The map currently shows access points for 20 of the 283 Munros. More to come soon!


Munros Climbed · Munros Not Climbed
Northwest Highlands Access Points · West Highlands Access Points · East Highlands Access Points · Southern Highlands Access Points

Download the data

KML File for use in Google Earth and Google Maps.


The KML data for the Munro positions was derived from a file posted by user davidmcw on the Google Earth Community.

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